Organising the Bucket

The Hare is responsible for providing a full bucket - details are below.

How many drinks should you buy?

Not everyone RSVPs so we use a rule of thumb of Facebook responses x 3. Please try not to over-cater as this can make logistics more difficult for the next hare.

What beer should you have in the bucket?

  • Beer (to drink): middle of the range beer (e.g. fat yak) buy in a 24 slab for the best price

  • Beer (down downs): buy 6-12 low alc/cheaper beer for down downs

What non-beer should you have in the bucket?

  • Cider / alcoholic ginger beer: aim for ~3:1 ratio of beer to cider

  • Wine: 2L cask red wine

  • Non-alcoholic drinks: aim for 6-12 non alcoholic beer, 6 non-alcoholic other (e.g. coke/ginger beer)

  • Water (particularly during summer runs and saturday runs if no bubbler at circle)

What other stuff do you need to buy/check?

  • Ice (always)

  • Cups for down-downs and water (as needed)

  • Suncream & mozzie spray (if we've run out)

How much will the hash reimburse?

  • Hash will reimburse you up to $65 / 24 beers, $18 / 6 pack ciders and $15 / 2L cask red wine. Hash will cover all reasonable costs of non-alcoholic drinks and sundries (don't go nuts!)

  • Food and snacks are at the hare's own expense

  • Hares can exceed the above at their own expense, but please be mindful not to create a too high bar for next hares!


Special events/inclusions or anticipated spend blow-outs need pre-approval from mismanagement before the event. Please email mismanagement@sth3.org to request.

Other things to know:

  • Hares drink for free: As a big thank you for setting trail, hares drink for free (max 2 hares / event)

  • Half way bucket: The hare may choose to do a halfway bucket at their own expense

  • No bucket/BYO option has been removed (May 2022)

Example bucket

Example Bucket

Any questions?

Please email mismanagement@sth3.org