Bucket Options:

Having a bucket can be hard work, so it’s up the hare, who can choose to provide a bucket, or keep the run as BYO. For the Hash runs that have a bucket, the hash fee is $10 or one run credit. For Hashes that are BYO there is no fee. Hashers will be provided as much advanced notice as possible in the event details which option is available at the run.

We will follow current NSW guidelines if they restrict outdoor gatherings, which may restrict having a bucket. Each event will let hashers know what bucket options are available.

Below are the options:

BYO - No Bucket

BYO (Bring Your Own), the hashers will bring their own drinks to circle. The Hare should ensure that the end of the run is close to a bottle shop so hashers can purchase their drinks to bring to circle.


The Hare may choose to do a bucket. If there is no bucket transfer from previous hash, the Hare is responsible for purchasing the full bucket. Options are:


Bucket can be purchased in advance based on estimated number of attendees (A committee member will advice the hare on the number of expected hashers based on RSVP's on Facebook and Meetup). All bucket contents must be consumed on the night. No passing on of the bucket to the next Hare

Purchase on the day (new method)

Hare waits until the start of the run. Count the number of people in attendance. While everyone is running, go to a local bottle shop and purchase the bucket.

How many drinks should the hare buy? A good rule of thumb is 2 to 2.5 drinks per hasher. If 30 hashers turn up, then buy no more than 60-75 drinks (beer/cider only). Once the bucket is empty, circle is closed. It’s better to run out of drinks, then to have too many left over afterwards.

Bringing trash bags is a good option and serves a double function, to store the drinks/ice, and to put the empties in afterwards.

How much should the Hare spend? The Hare should aim to spend up to $8 per hasher that attends. The $8 is based on the pre-pay cost per hash. Typical beer & ciders like Coopers/Boags/Cascade/Mt Goat/Balter/Squire/Fat Yak and other full strength beers and ciders can be purchased for between $50-$60 per case of 24.

Please provide receipts to hashcash after the run for reimbursement.

So for example 30 hashers turn up, which means the Hare has up to $240 to spend. So if 3 cases were bought at $180, that leaves money for soft drinks, Individually wrapped snacks, and possibly a few craft beers to throw into the mix. Remember this is a hash bucket, not a craft beer bucket. Hashers that are craft beer snobs can continue to BYO craft beer to circle, and use the bucket beer for down downs. Hares may choose to self fund more expensive beer.

To allow physical distancing around the bucket, Mismanagement will montior to ensure there is queing for bucket drinks Why? This stops the hashers from all initially crowding around the bucket once they finish the hash.

Cups will not be provided, as hashers are to drink down-downs from their own vessel. Bring your own cup if you have one. Otherwise you can drink out of the tinnie or bottle.

Exceptions (requires mismanagement approval) Sometimes there isn't a bottle shop close by with decent pricing, or there may be a special event (a special themed run, or maybe a longer Saturday run). Please request Mismanagement approval to exceed the $8 per person spend.

Half Way Bucket

The hare may choose to do a half way bucket at the hare's cost. Mismanagement approval is needed if the half way bucket is to be re-imbursed.

Any questions? Contact Mismanagement