We are the Sydney Thirsty Hash House Harriers - the world (in)famous "Drinking Club with a Running Problem". We are a social bunch of folk who have fun and welcome anyone else who would like to join us, be it on a regular basis or just visiting.

What do we do?

Run, Jog, Walk or Dawdle - anyone that likes to mix their socialising and drinking with a bit of exercise would enjoy the Hash. There is no competition, everybody's a hero, there are no winners or losers! The idea of hashing is similar to the old English public school game of Hare & Hounds, where the "Hare" sets a trail using cut paper (or these days, more so flour or chalk). The pack (that's us) try to follow the trail and, just like hare & hounds, the trail can go dead and pick up elsewhere - it keeps the fast runners from finishing too soon.

When do we do it?

Every Thursday (Thirsty!) evening at 6:30pm in or around the city. Runs last for about an hour or so, and after the run we have a "Circle" where charges are made, "Down Downs" are drunk, stories are told and many beers are drunk. We usually manage to sing a good selection of songs. From there we go to the "On Inn" - a local restaurant or pub where we eat (& drink). We frequently have a monthly run on the first Saturday of each month - sometimes this is held on a "weekend away" where we can get plenty of bush (running of course).

How much do we pay?

Just $10 (AUD) for runs that provide a bucket. If no bucket is provided, there is no cost.