Sydney Thirsty Thursd'y Centurion Hash Run#1398

Friends, Hashers and Centurions
Lend me your beers
I come to drink 100 beers, not to regurgitate them

The day of the Centurion Hash is upon us.

Normal Hash Run (cause that's a thing) followed by The Centurion!

Boa Cumstrictor is the hare. You must register with Boa separately
in advance if you are participating in the Centurion.

Circle Up at Waverley Park, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, behind Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre.

On Inn - tbc

• Getting there - 10 minutes walk from Bondi Junction station.

• What to bring
Running gear, $10 bucket fee for the run (unless you have prepaid) and a sense of humour. *** Beer cost for the Centurion is additional - see below.

• Important to know
There is always someone to take care of your gear, so you don't have to run with anything.

• The Centurion:
- For you wapscallions that know not of this event the rules are here .
1 Oz = 30 ml, and i will supply the shot glasses

- You must register with Boa in advance if you are participating, and he will procure the beer (and Boa will need to be reimbursed - 3 litres = 8 cans) each.

Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre
1761 Anzac Parade
Bondi Junction

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